Es gibt vieles, das Oldtimer-Freude bei ihren Fahrten auf den Straßen der Welt erleben. Wenn auch ihr eine spannende Geschichte habt, schickt Sie uns!



A Young Man and his Mustang - Matthew S. Will

5. Oktober 2003



My story begins Tallahassee, Florida in the year of 1992. The day I will always remember was the special sunny spring day, my dad drove home in a candy apple red 1965 Classic Mustang Fastback. Wow! What a sight! I was a young fifteen-year-old high school kid
who was totally mesmerized by the attractive appearance of this car.  The biggest question in my life at the time was “What kind of car would turn the heads of my buddies when I drove it into the high school parking lot?



"Hoofin West" - Jeffrey Will

5. Oktober 1999



It was time again, both my sons, Matt and Dan along with one of their friends, had landed summer jobs out west in Sun Valley Idaho.  After checking the map I found Sun Valley, Idaho to be a long 2400+ miles from Tallahassee Florida.
Three summers ago my oldest son Matt and I powered his ’65 Mustang west to Granby Colorado for his summer job there. Our spring ’99 trip would be similar, except we would gallop two Mustangs west.



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